What is a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is an attractive, goal-oriented woman who is looking for financial assistance, professional advancement, or a lifestyle upgrade.

She takes a pragmatic approach to relationships, and understands that there is more than one way for romance to be mutually beneficial.

What is a Sugar Baby?

What Does She Want?


A Sugar Baby is looking for career guidance from the men she chooses to date. A woman with her “eyes on the prize” she seeks the company of men who have already achieved the success that she yearns for, who will show her how to achieve that success for herself.

Financial Help

A Sugar baby looks for creative ways to make ends meet, whether it’s paying bills, making tuition, or simply having enough disposable income to have a little fun. Not only does she have fun in her relationships with Sugar Daddies, they’re great for her bottom line.

Lifestyle Upgrade

Sugar Babies are sick of immature guys who don’t know how to take care of them – They’d like a taste of the high life every once in a while! Sugar daddies make a girl feel like a princess by treating them to a luxuriant courtship that they would not otherwise be able to afford.


Not only can sugar babies gain entry to a privileged lifestyle, they also gain access to the people that live that lifestyle every day. For women who wish to make contacts and rub shoulders with the elite, a sugar daddy is a man who can make their dreams a reality.

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